How to Speed up WordPress Site


Troubling with your wordpress website speed? want to know how to speed up wordpress site because it is causing heavy damage to your site by disappearing from search engines and decreasing your valuable visitors because no one can wait for too much for a website to load. In this super fast world, everything is very fast and your website needs to be powerful and speedy. In this article, you are going to learn how to speed up  wordpress site using simple steps

Speed up WordPress Site Using Cache Plugin:

W3 Total Cache is the plugin I recommend you to use in your wordpress site which will help you to decrease the load time of your site. The following are the settings of w3 total cache which you have to enable to increase the speed of your site.

Page Cache: by enabling the page cache will reduce the response time of your site

Minify: it helps you to decrease the size and number of CSS and JS files. Automatically remove unnecessary data from CSS, JS, feed, page and post HTML.

Database Cache: database cache will reduce the creation time of your post, page, and feed.

Object Cache: it is used to increase the performance of highly dynamic sites which use the Object Cache API.

Browser Cache: decrease response time by enabling HTTP compression and add headers to reduce server load and decrease file load time.

By Using CDN:

CDN is a Content Delivery Network which is used by most of the popular websites like reddit, odesk which is now upwork and many more. CloudFlare is the best CDN which helps you to speed up wordpress site and gives you the best performance. CloudFlare also blocks threats and offensive bots which can put the load on your server.

Now the question is how to install Cloudflare? It is very easy you just need to sign up for a FREE account and verify your email. After verifying your email you can add your website by clicking the Add Site button, now enter your website address and click Begin Scan. Cloudflare will scan your whole website in few minutes. After the scan completed Cloudflare will give you name server which you have to replace with the current name server in your domain registrar dashboard. Well that’s it you have successfully installed your website in Cloudflare.

Remove Unwanted Plug-in:

yes, you heard it right. In order to speed up wordpress site you have to delete all the unnecessary plugin because this is the main reason your website is slow. Keeping your site’s plug-in up to date will not create any load on your site. Avoid those plug-in which is not tested with the current version of your wordpress.  Do not use any nulled plug-in it can cause serious damage to your website and hackers can easily hack your site.

Image Optimization:

Images are also the largest factor to slow down your website. By optimizing images you can easily speed up wordpress site. There are many plug-ins out there to optimize images but the most amazing plug-in you should use is EWWW Image Optimizer. It can automatically optimize images when you upload on your website. It can also optimize images which are already uploaded on your website. It is the best JPG optimization plug-in with TinyJPG integration which helps your pages to load faster.

Now after implementing all the above procedure and checking your site speed in GT Metrix and wondering that defer parsing of javascript thing to be A grade but don’t know how to solve then don’t worry we have the solution for you. You can easily achieve A grade with little code or by installing the plugin and you are good to go. You can read the complete guide here: Defer Parsing of JavaScript for WordPress


The following is the summary of this article:

  1. Install W3 Total Cache Plug-in
  2. Add your site to CloudFlare
  3. Remove Unwanted Plug-in
  4. Optimize images using EWWW Image Optimizer

Now I hope you are able to speed up wordpress site and if you have any problem or still can’t able to increase the speed do comment here I am here to help you.


    • hi there!
      yes is also good but i am using ewww image optimizer which is pretty good for me and yeah thanks for dropping your comment here

      Keep Visiting….

  1. You can use WPRocket instead of W3 Total Cache, its a lot faster than W3TC.
    I am using Imagify WordPress plugin for image optimization, EWWW compress my image folder in 7mb where Imagify converts it into 3.5mb without degrading quality of image.

    • Yeah WPRocket is good but i have mentioned all the free plugins, W3TC works perfect and i’ll definitely try Imagify.

      Thanks for your precious comment!

        • Don’t be sorry for recommending WP Rocket but for me i have tested my site with WP Super Cache and W3TC and found that W3TC works much better than WP Super Cache.
          coming to article i will definitely try Super Cache once again soon

          Thanks for coming back !

          • Thanks again, can you share your W3 Total Cache recommended setting with us?
            Before using WPRocket, I am using W3 Total Cache and load everything from Ram(Memcached). Its require lots of free ram where using WPRocket I get better result with general settings.


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