Free WordPress Installation Service

Free WordPress Installation

Do you want a professional looking WordPress blog for your business? Just like mine, yes my blog is also on WordPress and i am running it successfully. WordPress is the best platform to get started with blogging. It is the easiest and most powerful platform for blogging and website. If you want to start your blog on wordpress and don’t have much time to setup wordpress and all or you are finding any difficulty while installing wordpress then no problem i am offering free wordpress installation service. Yes you heard it right, FREE WordPress Installation Service.

Many people don’t know how to install wordpress on their hosting and spends $$$ to setup only wordpress but i am giving you free wordpress installation service. Now you must be thinking why i am giving you free wordpress installation, you will know the reason behind this in a minute.

Yes this service is absolutely FREE only if you don’t have hosting it means you have to buy hosting from my link. I am affiliated with some of the best hosting companies in the world and if you buy hosting from one of the hosting company you like then I’ll get a small commission that’s why i am offering FREE wordpress installation.

Service in Brief:blog-setup

How to get started:

First of all clear your browser cookies and cache and click one of the hosting company image below and buy hosting from there. You will also get free domain and if you already have domain then send me domain details or set up the name server so that i can install wordpress on it. If you already bought hosting from different hosting provider or without my referral link and still you want me to install wordpress so no problem i’ll install wordpress but not for free, i’ll charge $100 to setup wordpress with all the services mentioned above.