Watch Movies Online With These 7 Movies Streaming Websites


Watching Movie is one of the easiest options than downloading a movie, as most of the websites provide an opportunity to watch it on the website to increase visits on a regular basis. Movie streaming is available for free of the cost in most of the websites, but there are few websites, who are providing service by charging a certain amount of money. Movie streaming online could be a beneficial factor for the movie maker as well, as he gets to take a part of share from the website. It is legal for an individual to watch movies online than downloading to your local drive.

How to Watch Movies Online?

Watching movies online is an easier task, as you will have plenty of options to play according to the requirement. Watching movies online is easier, when you visit some of the reputed websites online, as it is safer and convenient for a user to watch movies without hassles.  Watching movies online could be fun as well, as you get to watch by pausing at required intervals and lets you play back your scenes when you want movies streaming websites

You can visit any of the below websites and search for your favorite movie with the title and the year. You should be able to find a list of options as a result of the search and play the movie by clicking on the play button on the screen. The movies would be streamed and play depending on your internet speed. A good bandwidth can help you watch movies flawlessly, as you will have enough time to stream in an efficient manner.

Benefits of Watching Movies Online

Watching movies online is one of the popular options for most of the people, as they cannot afford or essential for a secondary TV at home. When the entire family is watching a different channel, you can watch your favorite movie or a video or a live streaming match from the computer without paying a penny. The feature of watching movies online in High Definition quality is available only in few of the websites for free of cost, as most of the websites are providing services to premium customers.

  • Saves Bandwidth

Watching movies saves a certain amount of bandwidth compared to downloading, as it requires downloading every bit of file from the internet. As people have an option to watch most of the movies by visiting different websites online, it is indeed convenient to watch movies online than downloading from the internet. Some of the movie streaming sites provide services for free of cost, where user get to watch the latest releases for free of cost in high definition quality.

  • Cost Effective

Watching movies from some of the free websites could save a lot of money than buying a movie from a store or by downloading by paying money online. As we do not prefer to watch most of the movies for the second time, it is evident that watching movies online could save a lot of money and time in an efficient way.

  • Instant Usage

It is not necessary for people to download by spending time and watch it after finishing the download process; the movie streaming option lets people watch the movie instantly without wasting time. As you get to know the quality of the movie, you can change your mind whether to continue or not, but downloading the entire would be of waste if the movie turns out to be a bad quality movie in general.

Top 7 Free Movies Websites for Online Streaming

1. YouTube Movies

YouTube is one of the most favorite sites to watch online movies for free. You can get all the videos by searching from the search engine. Here you can get all the old and latest movies with high-quality videos. In YouTube movies streamings you can easily play all the genres like comedy, horror, action, etc. YouTube supports for all the languages like Tamil, English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and more. You can add your favorite movies to offline to watch anytime you wish. All the YouTube videos and movies uploaded with high quality such as 720p or 1080p resolution. It can support all the formats like CD, DVD and high definition.

Watch Movies Online with YouTube Movies

While watching videos or movies, you can customize the settings as per your requirement. You can play or resume the movies, full-screen mode, forward and backward option. YouTube player allows you to change the color, size, and background of the screen and enable the subtitle mode and more. Also here, you can add the movies series to watch later also.  The audio quality is excellent in YouTube movie player. Most of them use the YouTube movies site to watch free movies. It is the most used free movie streaming site now on online. You can watch the offline videos without using the internet connectivity. YouTube movies, videos and other aspects downloaded by using the YouTube downloader. To watch unlimited movies and videos on YouTube by creating a user account on YouTube.  It is easy to handle so you can have it on your Smartphone or PC by downloading the YouTube application from the web.

2. HotStar Movies

Hotstar is one of the primary applications for people to watch live streaming movies, sports matches, and entertainment videos and so on. Hotstar gives out good space, where a user will get to watch a particular movie in a flawless way. Hotstar lets you access their feature for free of cost, where you can use your Gmail or Facebook credentials to log in.Free Movies With HotstarHotstar is widely utilized by a lot of people to live stream matches from a different location, as you get to watch flawless videos at high definition quality. Hotstar movie site better known for its free movie streaming site. You can view all the old and latest movies, videos for free. It is available in Google play store for free.

3. Crackle

Crackle is another popular movies site to watch the movies for free on online. It has enormous collections in different languages like other movies sites. You can get all the full-length movies without sign in using Gmail or other things.Watch Movies On Crackle

Crackles offer all the movies without sign up or register, but if you sign in, then you will be get notified via Gmail about the new updates and movies. Here you may choose your favorite genres like adventure, horror, action and more.

4. WatchOnline Movies

It is a best free movies streaming site for watch movies on online for free. It is easy to be the accessible and simple site with the different category of movies. Here we get high quality of videos and movies with amazing features. This site has more than 6000 movies, videos, TV shows and so. You can add up yourself to sign up to the site officially. It is a best-recommended site to watch movies online for free. On WatchOnline movies site, get all the movies in genres like adventure, comedy, action and more.

5. 123Movies

It is a popular movie streaming site to watch movies and videos for free without downloading it from the site. It has enormous collections and features for watching the free online movies. To look at the movies in 123movies by clicking the play option for streamings.

You can also make the request for non-available movies; they will add it in future. The light turns off feature also present to get the better experience while watching the live streamings. This site also has some unique features for their users.

6. My Download Tube

My download tube is a fresh and excellent free streaming site for watch movies for free. It has awesome videos, movies, and animes with high quality. You don’t want to register or sign in to access the best streamings. The site will be updated with latest movies regularly, so the users get all the recent movies and videos for free. My download tube also helps to download the online movies for free, and you can watch it on offline whenever you need.

7. Cartooned.Online

This site is different from all other movie streaming sites. It has a vast number off organized videos, movies, TV shows and more. You can get all the cartoon related content with category wise from this site. It may help to get all the latest and favorite cartoon movies for free. Here you can search for your favorite videos, movies from search option. This could be the better site for getting all the latest or recent streamings quickly. The Download can also be possible to watch videos or movies for offline


It is indeed secure to watch movies online, as some of the websites upload virus files instead of a movie. This could be a huge risk for people to download movies from unknown sources on the internet. It is important for an individual to look for the reputed source to watch and download the movie, as it is important to protect your computer from every kind of threat online.


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