Best Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks of all Time


Bringing you the most useful command prompt tricks and hacks to make your life much easy than before. What if I tell you we are going to reveal the best command prompt tricks and hacks which you might not know.

Command Prompt (cmd) is one of the most useful tools in windows but unfortunately it is the most unknown too.

By unknown it doesn’t mean it is not useful enough but I guarantee you that cmd is awesome tool in windows.

You just need to know about this and you will be amazed to see how amazing it is.

So, without waiting let’s get started!

Best Command Prompt Tricks and Hacks:

In this post you are going to witness the best command prompt tricks and hacks to make any one professional in cmd.

PC Driver List:

command prompt tricks

Ever wonder to see all the drivers you have on your computer?

Yes, let me tell you that you can actually see all the drivers installed on your computer.

By using this simple command “driverquery” (without quotes) you can see all the drivers installed on your computer with all the details like module name, display name, driver type and link date.

Colorful Command Prompt:

colorful cmd

Using cmd for very long time but now it is looking so boring, don’t worry I have a cool cmd trick to change cmd color to whatever color you want.

Basically this is not a trick but it is cool enough to work in a colorful cmd rather than that black and white old looking UI.

Right click on the cmd window and click properties.

Now select color from the tab and choose whatever color you want and click OK.

Finally you have cool looking cmd to work without getting bore.

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Scan System Files:

scan system files using cmd

After using windows for months and now you think that this is not the same window I installed at first. By means that when you install a fresh copy of windows the computer runs so fast and smooth that you fall in love with it.

But, after months the windows start lagging or not performing well like before. Now you wish to scan your computer but don’t know how to actually scan your windows. Then sit back and relax because in the next paragraph you are going to learn how to scan your system files to find any missing files or any problem in your windows and let the computer solve it by itself.

Open cmd as an administrator and type sfc /scannow now hit enter.

Now it will start scanning your system and looks for problems and missing or corrupted file and also fix them. It will take some time so be patient and get your computer fixed by its own.

Run Multiple Commands:

run multiple commands in cmd

Running commands in cmd is quite interesting but what if I tell you that you can run multiple commands right after one another. Command prompt actually allows you to run two commands without having any problem.

You can easily run multiple commands by simply adding && between each and every command. For example, “ipconfig && dir”.

Get Network Details:

find ip address using cmd

If you ever wish to know your network details then I have a good news for you. You can actually know all the network details like ip address, subnet mask and etc by just using simple command prompt code.

Open cmd and type ipconfig which will let you know your network details in one go.

Hide Files and Folders using Command Prompt:

Hide Files and Folders using Command Prompt

You can actually hide your files and folders using command prompt with just an easy command line.

Let me show you how to do that.

Open CMD and type drive name D: after that type the command to hide your file or folder “ Attrib +h +s +r “ (without quotes) and after that line of command you have to type your file or folder name just like this:

D: Attrib +h +s +r personal.

This is as simple as that.

Undelete-able Folders:

Create Undelete-able Folders using cmd

Want to create a folder which no one can delete or rename?

This is the post where you will learn how to create undelete-able folder using command prompt.

Open command prompt and type the drive name where you want to create an undelete-able folder. It should not have windows installed on that drive.

Now type any of these command “md con\” or “md lpt1\” and press Enter. So it should look something like this “D: md con\”.

This will create a folder which no one can delete or rename it. To delete the folder replace “md con\” with “rd con\” or “md lpt1\” with “rd lpt1\”.


That’s pretty much it. i hope you guys like this post on some of the best command prompt tricks on the web. Make sure to like this post and share this with your friends to let them know about this awesome cmd tricks we have.



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